Proscan PLT7223GK4 Tablet Review (Big Lots)

I got the new Proscan PLT7223GK4 tablet from Big Lots.

The first thing I was interested in was if the unit came from the factory with a charged battery.

The PLT7044K unit that I bought in March had a battery problem, where the battery was always dead, when I tried to start it up. The first clue with the 7044 was that the battery was dead when I bought it new at Big Lots, and I had to charge it up before I used it the first time.

Luckily, when I took the PLT7223GK4 unit out of the box, the battery was charged, so the Proscan 7223 started right up. This had become important, because I had also bought an 8 inch Curtis KLU tablet, made by the same company (Curtis). The KLU has no battery problem, it was charged from the factory, and has been able to retain the charge over a period of days and weeks. So, I was able to compare the two tablets, and that is when I decided that the 7044 has a battery problem.

The 7223 looks like it has no battery problem.

So, now let’s go back to the start, where you look at the box, and try to determine if you want to buy the thing. The 7223 box looks very similar to the Proscan PLT7044K box, except that I noticed that it has Google Maps, and Google “Street View”. Now, that might be interesting. I think that if you have Google maps, perhaps they can cheat and put in an address, and it will show you the map.

But if there is street view, perhaps it has a GPS in it now. That would be nice, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Answer: No GPS, it has a nice version of Street View, as long as you have access to a network.

Anyhow, I opened up the box and looked at it. I did not know just what to expect, except that maybe the new 7223 is an improved model. When I initially looked at it, I decided that there seem to be some obvious improvements. The 7223 unit looks a lot like the 7044. On the front, the camera is now at the top right, where the 7044 had the camera in the center.

On the back, the 7044 speaker has been replaced by a double-hole which may be for stereo speakers, not sure about that yet.

When you turn on the tablet for the first time, it asks you for setup information. So, you actually need to have a network available when you set it up for the first time. I’m not sure what some of the requirements were, but it seems like it worked out OK. You can always come back later to complete the setup. Like it asks you for your name, but you might not want to use your real name, based on recent security issues. Maybe it can be used to track you.

When you start up the PLT7044K, it says “Proscan”, then “Android”. The new on does not say Android, it says Proscan, then Proscan again. I liked seeing “Android”.

The new model has a dongle-type adapter, for adapting USB to Mini-USB.

Both the 7044 and the 7223 have an included keyboard. I got a USB-type keyboard from Amazon.

Overall, it appears that the PLT7223GK4 is an improved model of the PLT7044K. I like it.


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