1 Zika News Saturday April 23, 2016


Note: Zika Contest being set up https://starbrightsolar.wordpress.com/

Analysis: The news regarding Zika is at this time very confusing.

1. One article says that babies are dying from Zika

Suspect Zika virus behind deaths of 19 babies in Brazil – Clarksville Tech Time


2. One article says we should just spray the mosquitoes

3. One article says that Zika is not a problem in Africa, where Zika started
Zika Hasn’t Hurt Africa—and That May Be the Key to Beating It

4. One article says that there is nothing we can do about Zika

5. One article says that Zika is spreading worldwide, and has been spreading to the United States and California

6. One article introduces the “War with Zika”

7. One article says we should skip the Olympics in Brazil
U.S. Athletes Told to Consider Skipping Rio Olympics If Worried By Zika

1. I was not aware that kids were dying from Zika. It has been widely reported that kids were malformed at birth, much like the thalidomide epidemic in the past, where kids were born without an arm or hand. I have seen these thalidomide victims, and I often wondered what happened to those kids. What do you do if your right arm is missing? Do you just hope that people do not notice? Do you just explain to everyone who looks at you that you are normal? Can you die from Zika?
2. There always seems to be a lecture about getting rid of standing water in your back yard.
3. It has historically been a problem when an article comes out when we are sorting out the Zika problem, that there is really not a problem. At this time, we are not financing Zika because we just want to take the Ebola budget, and give it to the Zika Budget.
4. Another article says that there is nothing we can do anyhow, so we don’t need to worry. That is really great for us who are thinking about helping, but now can save our money. But it is a grave danger for those young mothers who are involved with Zika.
5. In California, we just sit back and watch the world go by. If there is a new disease, like Zika, we automatically ignore it because we are convinced that it does not affect us. In actuality, we are now counting the sick and the dead from Zika. The numbers are very low, so we do not worry. Yet. We are busy setting up our databases.
6. War with Zika: Great Pictures which help to identify the problem
7. There is a lot of information about skipping the Olympics in Brazil









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