1Zika News Monday May 9, 2016

One of the things which has been bothering me lately is the idea that mosquitoes are evolving. And we are letting them evolve.

They seem to be getting bigger. And there are more of them.
As human beings, we don’t really seem to be bothered about the fact that there are many mosquito – borne illnesses. The mosquitoes are now everywhere. Zika is now just another mosquito borne illness.
There are Asian Tiger mosquitoes, which are kind of cute. They have neat stripes. No one says that if you get bit by a little teeny mosquito that you will die.
Lately, the news says don’t worry, you might just get sick, and that not many people have died yet.

1. Kids are born with small heads
2. Mosquitoes and bacteria
3. Zika might be related to infantile paralysis
4. Get a zika shot
5. Zika Diagnostic Test Toronto – Keith Pardee

Note: We are in the process of bringing new products to market, which will give you a new method to attack Zika.
Zika Product Innovation


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