Quick Sale Fixer Landers CA $50K: 5 ac, New House and Garage – FOR SALE FIXER

57873 Boo Lane, Landers CA 92284
For Sale By Owner
Must sell immediately, due to senior health problems
Value $106,000 Online
Best offer above $50,000 cash
Boo Garage
I am the owner and builder
Working with realtor
Clear title, no liens or loans

Cross streets: Landers Lane at Winters Road
Near the Landers Post Office
Next to Pipes Canyon Offroad Area

Other houses in the area
Retirement area
Boo Yucca
Assessed Values House $31,720, Land $13,229
Water + Meter, Electric + Pole, Propane system + heater + water heater
Professionally built Garage worth $20,000
Septic Tank New, installed, working
Drywall installed

Value $106,000, quick sale best offer over $50,000, you finance it or cash
Must sell immediately, I am the original owner, and the builder

We were building a house in Landers, when we were the victims of vandals
New house with Certificate of Occupancy
Boo Water Meter
Roomy large living room – kitchen combination
Big bedroom
Nice large bathroom with oversize fiberglass tub

New large 2 car garage
Broken windows look bad, but are an easy fix
Everything was working before the vandals came
Was ready for painting and carpet
Real deal for someone not afraid of work.

Cost about $5,000 to fix it
Boo Fence


About tim2v

Systems Engineer who has worked on National Missile Defense at Boeing and Lockheed. Patenting and Licensing, Orange County Inventors Forum. Current emphasis is Product Development and financing. Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping Irvine CA. Designing new products and innovations.
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