Barn Find: Meyers Towd Rare VW Prototype #2 – Complete and Original

A long long time ago, in 1967, Charles Curry bought a complete Meyers Towd from Bruce Meyers in Fountain Valley (This is not a Meyers Manx).
It was a complete factory-built vehicle, and licensed. Our family has owned this Towd since 1967 (One owner). So it is not really a barn find.
This is probably a museum piece.
The story is that Bruce Meyers built a few complete Towds, to be sure the kits would fit together. The story is that Charles Curry bought Prototype #2 from Bruce Meyers at the Fountain Valley factory.
The only changes made include: The engine was rebuilt once with oversize sleeves, and Charles built a roll cage for it. The VW engine and bus transmission are complete and running.
That is the configuration it has today.
Last time we ran it, it ran good, may be running fine today.
Using Mobil 1 in it.
We replaced the Norseman tires after a while.
The rest is original.
The Towd decal has come off the cowl, as seen in the picture.
Most of the stuff is there, including the tow bar assembly, windshield, and seat cushions.
This Towd was not a kit, it was built totally at the factory by Bruce Meyers.
The cowling is the original ABS, it has not been replaced with the fiberglass cowl, as recommended by the factory.
A factory mistake was that there was a hole cut into the aluminum plate for the dash, but there was a frame tube in the way, so the hole does not have a gauge in the hole. See the picture.
Original Smiths gauges.
Claire Curry, $10,000


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