Magnaflow is Moving from RSM 92688 to Oceanside CA

I just talked to Robert from Magnaflow in RSM, and he said they are moving Magnaflow from RSM to Oceanside because of the tax rates.
They have two giant buildings in Oceanside.
Magnaflow sponsored a custom car show a few years ago.
The cars were fabulous.
I got a lot of pictures and posted them on one of my blogs (see them here).
I saw Mario Andretti there talking to my Daughter Mollie.
It is really hard to find Magnaflow in RSM.
Maybe Magnaflow will have a factory tour in Oceanside.
So we can see what is happening with Hot Rods in Southern California.


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Systems Engineer who has worked on National Missile Defense at Boeing and Lockheed. Patenting and Licensing, Orange County Inventors Forum. Current emphasis is Product Development and financing. Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping Irvine CA. Designing new products and innovations.
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