Elvis Robot made by WowWee

I have a Robot Elvis Bust
I have had it for about 3 years
It is nearly new, and has been used very little
It has the original packaging, AC Adapter, Operation Manual, and the Microphone Controller

I got it as an example of Animatronics for my Robotics Class
While we were working on the Robot Pirate for Orange Coast College, we decided that building a Robotic Pirate was really hard work
Then, I started a Boeing project with FIRST Robotics, Team 3020
I got this Elvis because it is a really great example
It shows how to use sensors for many different things
An example is the light sensors which allow Elvis to follow you around the room with his eyes
Lots of interaction
He talks to you.

I used it as a prop for an engineering presentation I made
Elvis was moving and talking while I made my presentation
People were just amazed when they saw him operate

I probably have only about 3 hours of use with him, I have had it in careful storage
I took him out of the box yesterday, and he works just fine
This Elvis can operate either on 8 D size batteries, or AC Power
I did not use the batteries, I just plugged him in, using the AC Adapter
Elvis has a really nice leather jacket.
He has a nice head of hair. Many people would like to style it, but I left it as it came out of the box. I never combed it.
His skin is soft and supple, I don’t know how they did that.
His eyes are really nice.
When he talks, his lips move. His lips quiver.
When he moves, the motors make robotic sounds, which is real cool.
I cannot believe how easy it is to get him up and running. All you do is plug him in, turn him on, and he starts moving and talking. He says he is really lonely, even in a crowd. Hi there Darlin’.

Autonomous automatic Mode: When you plug Elvis in, he goes into automatic mode. He starts moving his eyes, and talking. Autonomous means that a robot will go through a series of initial moves without you telling him what to do. Most Robots have an autonomous mode, where the thing will do something, and let you know that he is working OK.
Controller mode: The microphone has a series of buttons which cause Elvis to do certain things, as you command him to do so. With this mode, for instance, his eyes will follow you across the room as you walk by. There is a lot of interaction built in, so Elvis can act lifelike.
I think that Elvis can go into a Learning Mode, but I never took the time to teach him stuff.

This Elvis bust is actually a great piece of engineering.
The hardest part for an engineer is to take all of those sensors and motors, and come up with a product which is sale-able.
WowWee did that. This is probably the best example of Robotics which is available to the typical person. And very affordable.
DARPA makes robots, but they are extremely expensive and unavailable to the typical person.
Who would have thought that someone would come up with Elvis.
Amaze your friends, especially the Rocket Scientists.
A great idea.


















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