2 Why College Kids Hate Donald Trump – UPDATED

UPDATE Wed July 27, 2016
There are actually three candidates at this time.
This is very confusing for College Kids.
On campuses around the country, the peer pressure is intense, with everyone forcing you to vote for Bernie.
Bernie: His appeal is because he looks like your grandfather. And you just love your grandpa, right? The only time sees you, he brings a pound of candy. And he says you should not pay your bill for college.
Hillary: She looks just like your grandmother. And you love your grandma, right? And she gives you a dollar and then leaves. She says you should refinance your college bill.
Donald: He looks like your father. Now, that is BAD! You went to college, just to get away from your father. Trump says you should just GET A JOB, and pay off your college expenses. He says that is why you went to college, to get a good paying job making $100,000 per year, so you can afford to pay your bills. Donald says that if you get a good job, it will cure all of your problems.

Bernie says you should go out and buy a new Toyota, and give a job to a Japanese person. Hillary says we should use our money to attack Syria, and give jobs to Rebels. Donald says buy a Ford and give a job to an American.
Good Idea: You should not give a job to an American. Unless you are one. If you work at Ford in Dearborn, you are probably wishing that people will buy a Ford.
Bad Idea: Instead of listening to all of the constant whining on the news, prepare yourself to get a really good paying job.
Note: My daughter in college thinks that Donald is insane. And she says I am insane for supporting Trump. So Donald and I have something in common: We are both insane. But she loves me even if I am insane.
Note: College kids get confused, and say they will not vote. But in the USA, you HAVE to vote. Even if you vote for the loser. So what? As your father would say: “Just vote!”


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