Why is Trump so Aggressive?

If you have ever built a house before, you will become aware that there is only one person who is the responsible party, and that he is under great pressure for schedule and budget.
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This is because you don’t get paid until the house is built and ready to move into.
You will typically have everyone yelling at you all of the time, and it is up to you to get the job done. On schedule, and under budget.
And you DO pay your employees. If you do not, you will never get the house built. You NEVER rip off someone, because if you do, you will never be able to build the next house.
So, why is Trump so aggressive?
He really is not. He is just trying to get a job done.
Sometimes you have to prod someone to work faster or to do a better job. This even affects professionals, like a brick layer. If you watch a brick layer carefully, you will see that he works really fast, and really knows what he is doing. He works closely with the hod carrier, to speed up his work.
Most people will watch a brick layer for ten minutes, then they want to tell him how to do it, or how to speed up his work. As a Contractor, you learn quickly to take it easy and just watch.
Same thing with a House Painter. Just watch. Don’t tell a Painter how to paint a house.
If you are the Contractor, and you come up to see the subcontractors, they always say “Oh-oh, here comes the boss. Get to work!” All of a sudden, we will notice that everyone is working furiously, when they were taking a break a minute before.
The Contractor (Trump) will watch for a few minutes, then ask if there is anything he can do to speed up the work. Maybe get some new tools or new equipment. The Subcontractor appreciates this, because the Boss shows up occasionally, to show his interest. It always helps to help out a little, as long as he just goes away.
The problem Trump has is that he just has about 5 or 10 minutes to say everything he wants to say, and then show some respect for his brick layer and crew, and then leave them alone to do their work. They don’t need him watching.
Probably the most important thing about this scenario, is that you don’t get paid until the job is done 100 percent. Most people have never done anything a hundred percent.
With a computer, we always work on many tasks at one time, but never complete any of them (multi-tasking). If we did that when we were building a house, we would never get paid.
So, why is Trump so aggressive?
He knows that during the 5 minute talk, he will mention that the schedule is approaching, and will ask if the job will be done next Wednesday. He will also mention that if the work is done by Monday, he will give the brick layer a bonus. That is how a business man works. In some people’s minds, that might be considered to be aggressive, others may think that is smart.
Regardless, it works. The brick layer wants the bonus. And he is going to get it.


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