Washington Post Trump Disabled

It is interesting to see how the Washington Post picks on Disabled People.
One of the big secrets about Disabled People is that a large group of the population does not like Disabled People.
They will often make it seem like they feel sorry for disabled people.
At the same time, the same people will target them for their own use.

I have lost a lot of Engineer Jobs because of it.

Example: At a recent trump rally, a person was making a lot of noise, so Trump said “Get him out of here!” which has been a trademark of his campaign.
When it was revealed that the noise maker was a Disabled Person, Trump tried to back up and say he was sorry. But – too late – The Hillary people said that Trump did not like Disabled People.
In fact, that has nothing to do with it. Disabled People have to behave just like everyone else. If they have a big mouth and make a lot of noise, we demand that we not be treated differently. We want to be treated the same as everyone else. The simple reason for this is that when we are Disabled, it is usually a permanent situation, not something we can fix, and we can go though our whole life being disabled.
If your left leg is missing, it will remain missing. If we try something, maybe we can walk. But we will still be disabled. Usually that is because of the intense pain.
Trump said that he will help Disabled People and Disabled Veterans. That is more than anyone else has done. Ever.
In my case, I never got ten cents. People who are “Normal” just look at you and do some Doctoring. Everyone wants to figure out what is “wrong” with you. The guy at Social Security looked at me and decided that there was no disability that he could see, so he was able to save Social Security a lot of money. Then, when I got older, Social Security laughed and said “Too Late!”
California is very much anti-Disabled. There is a lot of talk, but not any action.

Hillary supporters would come to a Trump Rally. If one of them is Disabled, that should be all right, but he has to behave, just like the rest of us.

I would like to see the Washington Post to stop making fun of Disabled People like me. Please. Please. Trump disabilities: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/trump-campaigning-in-stretch-like-it-all-depends-on-florida/2016/11/02/3c5b19ec-a15b-11e6-8864-6f892cad0865_story.html Trump


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