My Nephew Dale: Elitch Gardens – Denver

I told Dale that since it was summer, he should try to get a job at Elitch Gardens, a local amusement park in Denver and a hangout for young kids.
He went there and got a summer job as an operator, which means he could run a ride for the kids. This means he was a very responsible kid because you could trust him with rotating machinery.
One night, after work, I came there about 1130pm to pick him up. We were out in the dark parking lot talking and not in a hurry. For some reason, I noticed a group of about 5 policemen walking towards us. I said “I hope you didn’t do something wrong, because I think we are in trouble for something”. Dale just laughed. Then two of the cops grabbed him, and hauled him away, and pushed him into an Elitches Cop car. The cops obviously didn’t want me for anything. The two cops were in the back seat with Dale in the middle, and the two cops were punching him. The front door window was open. So I stuck my head into the window and yelled as loud as I could “Hey Dale!!!” The two cops stopped punching Dale momentarily. I then said ”Dale I will be here to help you.” Then I looked at the two cops and said “You have the wrong guy, he was with me. And quit punching Dale”. One of the cops said “We weren’t punching him.” So I said, “Yes you were, I saw you, so quit punching him”.
Then they drove Dale away. I asked another cop where they were taking him, and he said there was an Elitches Police Station, and that he would be there. I told that cop that Dale was with me, and he didn’t do anything wrong.
I then went to the Police Station and waited. When I got there, Dale was handcuffed to a bench. Boy, was he glad to see me. We were there about 30 minutes when a cop came up to me and said he was sorry, but someone had beat up an operator, and they thought it was Dale. I told him that I would like to sue Elitches for beating him up. He said they didn’t punch Dale, and I replied yes, I saw them doing it, and I would like to talk to the Police Chief right then. So he set me up with the Chief. About 2AM, Dale and I saw the Chief. He explained that Elitches had Police to protect the visitors. He said that after arresting Dale, they found the actual perpetrator, so they knew it was not Dale. I told him that unfortunately, his cops had been beating on Dale, who was an Elitches employee. He said he was sorry. I said I would like to talk to the cops who beat on Dale, and that we would not sue them if we could talk to the cops. He agreed to that. Then, Dale and I were in front of about 7 cops, and I told them that they should not be beating up young people.
One of the cops yelled out “We were not beating him up!” The Chief told that cop to be quiet, that they had to be quiet and listen to what I had to say. I said a few words, and that we could sue them for beating Dale, but that we decided to not do that. Dale was just sitting there listening. After I was done, I said “Dale, do you have anything to say?” Dale then started by saying “Yeah, we were just standing out there in the parking lot talking, when we were jumped on by 5 policemen, and they forced me into the police car and started beating on me.” One of the cops said “Tell him to shut up, he is lying”, and the Chief said for them to be quiet and listen to Dale. There were 7 cops listening, and they just stared daggers at Dale while he talked. Dale then got this special satisfied grin on his face, and he continued talking for about 15 minutes. The cops were extremely agitated. I said “Are you done Dale?” Dale said yes, so I told the Chief we were done and would not sue them as long as we didn’t get attacked again when we went out into the parking lot. The Chief said not to worry, they would definitely leave us alone, and he said they all would like to thank us for being so understanding. The cops all just glared at us as we walked out. When we got outside about 3am, Dale wanted to talk about it, but I said “No, let’s get the hell out of here!”


About tim2v

Systems Engineer who has worked on National Missile Defense at Boeing and Lockheed. Patenting and Licensing, Orange County Inventors Forum. Current emphasis is Product Development and financing. Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping Irvine CA. Designing new products and innovations.
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