CHEAP and EASY Solution to North Korea Missile Problem

For many, many years, the US has stated that we have a Missile Defense System.
A lot of people laughed about the STAR WARS solution. Basically, it is a KINETIC weapon, where we have to hit the incoming missile on the head. There is no nuclear missile.
To do this is very hard. You will hit an incoming missile going 25,000 miles an hour, and your missile is also going at 25,000 miles an hour, with a closing speed of 50,000 miles an hour (The Space Shuttle would need to get up to 17,500 MPH in order to get into orbit).
The biggest problem we ever had was to get a Target to shoot at.
Our solution has been to fire a TARGET missile from Kwajalein Island, then fire an INTERCEPTOR missile from Vandenberg California. The Interceptor would try to hit the Target. Each such test would cost about 100 million dollars.
Sometimes, the Interceptor would hit the Target, and sometimes it would miss. Sometimes it would just be a Test.
After the Missile Test, people would just laugh and say it is just impossible.
But what we really needed was more tests, which would require more Targets.
So, where can we get more Targets?
Can we get any Target Missiles for FREE?

At this time, North Korea has been firing Missiles into the air, for no real reason.
Historically, if a country fires a missile, they are supposed to let other countries know about it. That way, other countries like Australia can track the missile, which is very valuable in case anything goes wrong.
If a country just fires a missile when they feel like it, they are considered to be a ROGUE Missile. You are allowed to shoot down a Rogue Missile because you don’t know where it is going. It may be aimed at you, but you don’t have a lot of time to think, you only have time to shoot it down.
At this time, we have seen that the Korea Missiles are aimed at Japan. Some people say that if it didn’t hit, it isn’t a problem. Not true.
If Korea fires a missile, it is not a Missile Test, it is a Missile Flight. The Missile must crash somewhere.
If North Korea fires a missile, it is a Rogue Missile.
Our Missile Defense System is supposed to be able to shoot down an enemy missile during boost phase, when the missile is trying to get started and is just a heavy piece of junk going very slow. If the Missile is hit before it gets going, the debris falls all over the enemy territory. When THAAD is deployed in South Korea, it should be fairly easy to knock down the Target Missile during boost phase.
THAAD is a mobile launcher with 8 missiles, a THAAD Radar, a couple of HMMWV trucks, and a support truck. If a Missile is launched towards Japan, the THAAD should be able to get it early.
All you need to do is treat the North Korean missile as a Target Missile, and you can save 100 million dollars.

We could also place the SBX Radar near Japan. The SBX X-Band Radar has been operational for a long time. If we get some budget for the SBX, it can be moved into place to support THAAD.

Then, all we have to do is wait for North Korea to send up a Target Missile so we can see if we can get it. Now, THAT would be a Missile Test !!


About tim2v

Systems Engineer who has worked on National Missile Defense at Boeing and Lockheed. Patenting and Licensing, Orange County Inventors Forum. Current emphasis is Product Development and financing. Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping Irvine CA. Designing new products and innovations.
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