1978 American Clipper Motor Home Brakes

I have a 1978 Dodge Motor Home made by American Clipper.
It has been very complicated to find what is needed for brakes, because of a lack of identification information.
I found out that it is a one-ton Dodge Truck. The front brakes are disc brakes, and the rear brakes are drum brakes. You can find the brake parts on Ebay, as long as you ask for parts for a 1978 Dodge One-ton Truck.
I ordered a brake pad kit for the front brakes for $30.72 + free shipping, which included the shims which should also be replaced.
The problem was that I would have to remove the existing old brake pads before I could compare them to the new pads, which would require me to disassemble the truck.
I took the brake pad set to my friendly mechanic in Whittier, and he began to take the brake system apart. When he compared the old pads to the new pads, we decided that the pads were the correct ones.
It looks like the front disc brake pads are the same ones used by a huge number of Dodge Trucks.

Disc Brake Pad-Posi-Quiet Metallic w/Shims & Hardware-Preferred Front Centric


I also was looking for a repair manual for my 1978 Dodge Motor Home American Clipper. I ordered one from ebay, not exactly knowing what I was going to get, but I got the following
Luckily, I got what I wanted. It has a lot of great pictures, and is very helpful with knowing what you are doing. There is a lot of misleading information out there, and this repair manual is very helpful. It warned me about taking the whole front end apart to replace the pads, and helped me plan to have my mechanic do the work.
My mechanic also said that the rotors needed replacing, which is what I expected, so he replaced the 2 rotors, and repacked the front bearings. Then he said my motor home was ready to go. As soon as I heard that, I took the American Clipper on a 135 mile trip, where it ran flawlessly. Great Brakes!


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