How AB109 Discriminates against Handicapped People

California has a problem with so many people in jail.
So California initiated AB109, which set free thousands of criminals.
What are all of those criminals doing?
If you listen to KPFK Progressive Radio, they always say how wonderful that so many criminals are out free.
I suppose that many people are thinking that they just go out and get a job.
Well, some do.
And some don’t.

Example 1: One old guy was talking to another old guy, both friends of mine.
One guy said he had a cabin in the woods near Lake Elsinore, and when he went there to look at it, he found that everything was gone. The other guy said “Did they take the furniture?”
The first guy said “Yes, they took everything, including the furniture.”
Second guy: “Did you call the cops?”
Yes, and the Deputy Sheriff told me “There is nothing we can do”. I asked them if he could write up a Police Report, and they said no. AB109 does not allow them to write up a Police Report, because of budget concerns.
So, that means that he is a AB109 victim.

Example 2: The Handicapped Owner of a house in Landers CA returned home early in the morning, and discovered a burglary in progress. The neighbors, well known robbers, had moved in next door. There were many tracks leading from the house to the neighbor’s trailer, where stuff was being moved to their trailer. They had not finished their job, and the Burglary was interrupted by the owner while they were stealing stuff out of the house. The neighbor, a known thief who had already burglarized at least 12 other houses in Landers and Yucca Valley came over and tried to say that he was also a victim.

There was also an electrical extension cord which he had stolen from the house after kicking in the door, and he connected the stolen cord to their trailer. Since the extension cord was still laying on the ground, leading to their trailer, it was obvious that they had broken down the door, stolen the extension cord, connected it to the outlet in the house and then stole the electric utility for some time. The garage door was also kicked in, and most of the things were taken.

The Sheriff was called. The Deputy came, took pictures of the footprints, then went next door and found two people there. The Deputy arrested a guy (our famous robber) and a girl, and took them away in a squad car. The Owner provided a Complaint to the Deputy, to be used in a Police Report. The robber, our neighbor, was released a week later. The lady was released the next day because she was a known Meth Addict.
The day after the Burglary, when the Owner was doing repairs, there were 8 gang members sitting by the fence watching and laughing. One of the lady gang members said ”Ha ha, are you ready to sell your house yet?”
A month later, the case went to court, and the Judge dismissed it because “The Deputy had failed to get a Search Warrant”, even though the Owner was under attack.
It is not known if there was ever a Police Report, even though the Owner had filed a Complaint.
The same people then broke down the doors again, and stole the remaining stuff.
Over a period of two years, they have then stolen the toilet and bath tub and the heater.
Lately, the same guys have stolen the doors. They have broken every one of the windows in the garage and house, and have removed the garage door.
They live next door. Every time the Owner goes there, the same people have been there doing more damage. They recently cut down my trees.
It is really hard for a Handicapped person to attack a gang of criminals.
AB109 just forces the Police to take the side of the Gang Members.
How can a Handicapped person attack a Gang? I have to do something, especially if the Sheriff can’t.


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Systems Engineer who has worked on National Missile Defense at Boeing and Lockheed. Patenting and Licensing, Orange County Inventors Forum. Current emphasis is Product Development and financing. Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping Irvine CA. Designing new products and innovations.
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