How Weird Catholics voted for Trump

Old Hillary said that she did not like Catholics.
Because they are weird.
Because they believe in lots of weird stuff.

Ok, I agree.
Catholics are weird.
So what?
So, Hillary said it.
Now, if you are a Catholic, what do you do?
First of all, you don’t know what to do.
Then a Catholic Bishop wrote a column (which they are not supposed to do, for obvious reasons) saying that Hillary said she doesn’t like Catholics.
So, he said “Don’t vote for Hillary”. Which he is not supposed to say.
Then, at the end, he said don’t vote for Trump either, because he is weird.
So, obviously, the bishop was confused.
But the way I saw it, Hillary said she didn’t like Catholics.
Trump said “We love you”.
So, my guess is that ALL of the Catholics voted for Trump.
They were not given a choice.
Hillary did not want the Catholic Vote.
And she didn’t get it. Maybe the Catholics meddled in the election?
Maybe next time she will take a hint and say “We love you”.


About tim2v

Systems Engineer who has worked on National Missile Defense at Boeing and Lockheed. Patenting and Licensing, Orange County Inventors Forum. Current emphasis is Product Development and financing. Solidworks, Rapid Prototyping Irvine CA. Designing new products and innovations.
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