Climate Change Analysis: Do Something = Algalita

When we talk about Climate Change, we should do something about it.
All we hear is the “Paris Agreement” wants more money. They got 10.5 billion dollars, and they were all mad because they wanted 100 billion dollars.
So, there seems to be three groups of people:
1. The younger people want to “do something” about Climate Change
2. The older people are doing something about Climate Change
3. There is a group of people in the middle who want to sit on their duff doing research, and who want billions of dollars for nothing
When we talk about doing something, we know a few things:
1. Spending billions of dollars doesn’t accomplish anything
2. The people who complain the loudest do not do anything
3. The complainers drive around in a Lexus, which is the worst thing you can do to the Environment

But then, what can we do?
A really good idea is to hook up with an established group. They may have been ignored for many years, and are still working on their project.
One established group that I really like is the Algalita Foundation in Long Beach. The Algalita Foundation has a Research Vessel named the Alguita.
It is headed up by a really great guy, Captain Charles Moore.
He is soooo willing to help you out. You won’t believe it.
You can find him and talk to him. He is often at the office of the Algalita Foundation in Long Beach. He just loves to give lectures to anyone, especially young people. Ask him.
A long time ago, he was on the David Letterman Show. Moore was unfazed by the badgering, and delivered his message.
People have a problem when meeting him, because he is the Captain of his ship, and he acts exactly like a Captain should act. He demands respect. And he gets it.
He has a crew, and they do exactly as he orders. There is a First Mate, who makes sure that the Captain’s orders are followed.
He has his own ship, or boat (?). It is actually referred to as a VESSEL.
The Alguita is his Research Vessel. It is a really big Catamaran. Really beautiful. It is an Ocean-Going Research Vessel. That means that it is not only able to get somewhere in the great Pacific Ocean, but it is also able to withstand the damaging winds and waves of the Ocean.
The Alguita is a wonderful sight to behold. You can find it in Long Beach CA, because the mast is much, much higher than the surrounding boats.
We were lucky to have the opportunity to get onboard the Alguita. I didn’t know much about boats or ships or vessels, but Captain Moore let me onboard with Mollie and some of my scientific friends. The First Mate Jeff showed us around. I really just loved the one hour tour.
Then the Captain came aboard and told him that we had to get off the ship because they were going to leave on their Journey to the North Pacific Gyre early in the morning. They were bringing a lot of green vegetables and fruit aboard. Green stuff was hanging everywhere.
To be truthful, I didn’t really know much about what I was looking at. But I will always remember it.
Thank you Captain Charles Moore.
If you want to do SOMETHING USEFUL for Climate Change, donate $10 to the Algalita Foundation in Long Beach CA. You will be glad you did.


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